Horse Boarding and Care

So, you have finally decided to make the lifelong dream of becoming a horse owner come true. Horses don't come cheap, and even after you have made that purchase, you can still expect to outlay a significant amount of cash, in order to keep your new friend healthy and happy. If you're living the city life, than it's unlikely you'll be keeping the animal in your backyard. In this section of our site, we are going to take a look at various issues and ideas when it comes to horse boarding and care. Just so you know what you can expect in this part, we will go over what horse boarding and care mean below.


Boarding refers to the place you will keep your horse when you are not riding him or her. The days of the sprawling acreage are for many people a dream of the past, being replaced by condo cities and suburban neighborhoods. That means that when you buy a horse, you will need a lot more room than can likely be found in your current habitation.

Fortunately, there are still a variety of places, both individually owned and those owned by corporations, where your horse can find a home. What kind of home is what this part of the site is all about; there are pros and cons involved with any of the wide range of choices when it comes to boarding options for your equine friend. Weather conditions, shelter, prices, and exercise considerations are all areas that we will explore in this section.

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As with any pet, horses will require a significant amount of committed and continuous care. In some cases this will be part and parcel with the boarding arrangement you have in place, and that is something you will find discussed on these pages. However, the greatest part of the care is in the hands of the horse owner; this is your friend, and you want to be sure you understand the commitment you are getting into before you make the purchase. You can't just drop them off at any boarding stable, and then expect that all their needs will be attended to. When your horse has a tooth ache for example, you need to consult an equine veterinarian's services, because the store where you buy furniture for your home is not going to cut it. We will go over some of the expectations, both basic and advanced, when it comes to the care of your animal.

Remember, owning a horse is more than just a run of the mill master and pet situation. Horses are large and intelligent animals, worthy of respect and more than just ownership. Most horse owners will tell you that there is also a relationship factor with one's horse that has to be maintained, and this idea is also one we can develop further in this section.

If you are looking for an idea of just what it will cost to own a horse in the long term, this section of the site is the place to look. Both boarding and care, when properly done, will not come cheap for the horse owner (although you don't have to count on the bills racking up, either). Their can even be some little costs to think about; like making sure you have the right equipment. Having an idea of the kind of care your horse will need on a regular basis, and the sort of criteria that must be present when you board your horse, will help you truly price out how much the horse will cost you. And, of course, the information in this section will help you in becoming a better horse owner.

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