Horse History and Facts

If there is one animal that can be said to have had the most impact in terms of a partnership with humans, the horse definitely takes the prize. Sorry, dog lovers, but there is just no comparing the relative merits of horses with those of dogs, both in terms of history and the present day. Horses are so important that the amount of energy they can put out is still the standard measurement of power in a modern engine (although, realistically, it is safe to say that the term horsepower has become so outrageously exponential, it might as well be replaced).

You could make the argument that without the assistance of the horse, the human race would still be dwelling in caves, if it still existed at all. This remarkable animal deserves to be recognized for its role in our transportation, our wars, our abilities to sustain ourselves, our building feats, our sports and recreation, our peace of mind, even (yikes! We won't dwell on this one) at times, our diet. If you think of how far people would have had to walk to get to trades and services without horses and before cars. If you're on a farm you probably already know the usefulness horses still have today.

That is what this section is all about: the contributions of the horse throughout our history. Man's history is necessarily one that involves the horse, and because horses have had such an impact on our development as a race, the history of the horse is important to us as well. In this section we will explore not only the contributions of the horse to our history, but that of us to the history of the horse. In many cases, man stepped in and created a product that nature probably would not have been able to achieve, a feat that continues today.

History is one thing, facts are another. While horse history will be of interest not only to horse enthusiasts but really to anyone curious about the development of society, the fact section of this subpage will be designed for the horse enthusiast or the horse curious (in other words, those who already own a horse or those who are thinking about buying a horse). We will explore topics such as diet, exercise, space needs, medical needs, and so on within the framework of horse facts. It's going to be more than trivia; it is information that any horse fan will need (okay, there will be some trivia here as well). This is the place for people who were in the saddle before they were out of their cloth diapers.

From the very beginnings of the human race through to the present day, horses have been an intrinsic part of our lives. While working together now involves a web collaboration tool, years ago one of the best examples was a man and his horse. We think that everyone will find the information in these articles of value, both in a practical and knowledge sense; once you understand the speed of an Arabian, for example, you will probably be able to fathom how it was that the Islamic empire of the Middle Ages was able to expand at such an incredibly rapid pace. Just how much did the use of the horse contribute to the extirpation of the buffalo from the plains of North America? Not only are these facts interesting, but it is astounding just how different our history would have played out if the horse were not a part of it.

So, this is the section to turn to when it comes to the intellectual side of horsemanship. We have the facts and the figures to prove the pivotal role that our equine friends have played in the development of the human race, a role that they continue to fulfill today.

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