Royal Fair

One of the great things about living in a city is that there are so many things you can do everyday. Whether you're into sports, music, art, history or horses, there's something you can do once you step out the front door of your home. If you're looking at the word horses from that last sentence, yes, you did read that last sentence correctly, we did say horses. Who doesn't love horses?

If you don't love horses then you might to consider growing an appreciation for them as Toronto is home to one of the most popular annually held Canadian horse events. If you happen to be a horse lover and attend the horse event in question that we're talking about then you already know exactly what event we're talking about! The Royal Fair!

Or, as you might know it by its more regal and formal name, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This Royal Fair started all the way back in 1922 and has become one of the premier indoor, "agricultural and international equestrian competitions." The fair draws over 340,000 unique visitors who come to see a variety of elite International and Canadian breeds, exhibitors and growers.

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Why wouldn't someone want to leave their home for all that? Especially since there are more than 4,500 large and small animals to see, shows such as the Royal Horse Show, horse showjumping, horse hockey with celebrities and the rodeo to take in, as well as a variety of activities you and the whole family can partake in. You can also do some shopping and dining while you're there. A dinner and show at the Royal Fair is most definitely something worth attending, especially for animal lovers.

Not only will you be having tons of fun if you go but you'll also be learning about everything there is to know about horses such as showjumping, how to get into the equestrian world, breeding, and growing. Any event that is not only fun but also educational is worth going to, if you ask us.

If anything we mentioned sounds appealing then you should look into getting tickets for this year's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Royal Horse Show. It will be taking place from November 4th to the 13th at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Make sure to tell everybody in your horse barn about it! Who knows, depending on how much fun you have it could potentially turn into a yearly retreat for you and your family. Just get your tickets early because it might sell out.

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