Horses In The Workplace

Many institutions recognize the power, strength and agility of horses, and have harnessed those traits to use for human gain in the workplace. Horses are beautiful creatures with a high level of intelligence, and historically have always worked well with humans. From the warrior horses of the Samurai in ancient Japan to the thoroughbred prize winning show and race horses of today, the relationship between horses and humans has always been a harmonious one. They can teach us a great deal about ourselves, and the world around us.

Safety must always be taken into account when working with or riding horses, and the proper tack and gear will ensure a safe ride. These can be found at any shop specializing in horse related sports and events, and it is important to shop in places that have experts to assist you in your purchases. You would not go to a clothing shop for your groceries, so stay away from big box stores and mega-marts for the specific items you will need to keep you and your horse safe and healthy.

When dressing the horse for riding or working, proper procedure must be followed to avoid discomfort and injury - for humans and horses alike. This includes things such as: ensuring bridles, bits, saddles and girths are kept in good repair and fit the horse comfortably, wearing proper riding boots, long thick pants and a safety approved riding helmet. Special instruments must also be used for cleaning and grooming - do not pull out your old used tools and expect to get good results! It is also important to be aware that horses vary in conformation, temperament, ability and levels of training. This will dictate the amount of gear you will require: some require breastplates or cruppers to keep the saddle in place and running rings, nosebands or headchecks to keep their head and neck in a position for easy control.

Just as transporting a heavy truckload of large pump parts (like these found here), delicate care must be taken when transporting horses. They are generally good travelers, so long as their needs are met and they are as comfortable as possible. If you are going to be transporting your horse frequently, investing in the proper trailer with sufficient air circulation and wind shielding is an excellent idea that will serve you well for many years to come.

A recent trend in executive training, known as equine-guided education, brings co-workers together to work with horses in a variety of different activities. One of these includes corralling the horse without touching it, and working together to get the horse to clear a small jump. Participants of this horse assisted training say that working with horses is a great way to learn teamwork, creativity and better communication which will all contribute to better problem solving the the workplace. The demand for these training workshops is growing and may soon replace foreign worker programs in terms of popularity. Clearly the lessons learned at these equine-guided education centers have a strong application to the workplace and is just one of the many ways horses help us to realize our true potential.

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