Buying Your First Horse

Horse ownership is something that a lot of people dream about. Owning one of the smartest creatures on the planet seems to appeal to something deep within our sub conscious, the part that dreams about having a truly loyal friend, a friend of strength far beyond our own, with whom we can partner to achieve great things. Horses are the stuff of legend and drama in many novels and Hollywood films.

Many of us dream of owning a horse, and not just ten year old girls. What the popular image and a dream of horse ownership doesn't show, though, is the hard work involved in buying and owning a horse. Indeed, owning horses has sent a lot of people into a tailspin, thanks to the money and the work involved. It's always best to think about the real costs of owning a horse before you go out and buy one.

First among these costs, of course, is the price you have to pay for a horse in the first place. Your first horse will probably be your most expensive purchase. Why? Because the better trained a horse is, the more valuable it is and the higher price it can command. First time horse owners need reliable horses who are well broke, not likely to become skittish at the first sound. So the first horse you buy won't be a new, unbroken one but a reliable horse that commands high value.

If you are in the market for a horse, hopefully you have been riding for a while. If not, consider taking lessons before you buy a horse at all. You can't expect to jump on one and ride. Look around for someone offering lessons, you can usually find plenty of people willing to give lessons on horse riding.

Once you do start taking lessons, you can start asking the people you meet about horse owners they know who are interested in selling. Getting connected into the horse world will really help you in the purchasing process, as you discover who has the best reputation for selling the best horses. Getting started on the purchase is just the very beginning of horse ownership.

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