Where Should You Board

Finding a suitable home for your horse is not an easy challenge, but there are many reputable stables to choose from, so how do you decide which one is right for you? Many horse owners live n the city, perhaps downtown, and therefore must travel to the stable to ride. The frequency of your riding may dictate which stable you choose as proximity will become a factor. Yet, as the following will discuss, this is just one of the many factors to consider when choosing a border.

Depending on your schedule, you many not be able to work with a stable that has set hours of operation. Perhaps you are a law intern at Tzaferis Lawyers for instance, and your schedule changes on a daily basis. It is important to assess your needs, including your schedule, when shopping for a stable to board your horse.

You will also need to consider the needs of your horse, since the care of animals varies from basic to pampered at different stables. If you prefer to have your horse out in a pasture, you will likely choose a site that has a large pasture area that is safely protected against the outside world and some protection from the elements as well. Perhaps you already have a stable in mind, it is still important to find out as much as you can about that stable before committing to use them as your boarding stable. Talking to local veterinarians or other boarders at the facility is a good way to find out if they have what you are looking for.

Everyone and their horses are different and will want different things from their boarding stable. It is important to look around and learn about what you can expect when choosing a stable, such as the condition of the stables themselves, the hygienic state of the water buckets (they should be clean and filled with fresh clear water), the sturdiness of the fences (no sagging boards or nails sticking out), and the general appearance and cleanliness of the place. Before considering which one to select you should make a list of priorities, and topping the list should be the health and safety of your animal. Finding the perfect boarding stable for a horse is similar to finding the perfect home for yourself. You would probably not buy the first piece of real estate that you see, and the same can be said about your stable. You want to get the best care for your budget, but you would also like convenience and a place that you are happy with.

The knowledge of the workers is another important factor to examine. You would not buy from a salesperson without assessing their credentials and track record, and the same goes for stable workers and operators. They should have a good handle on the needs and demands of your horse in terms of care and exercise, and not only that - but they should care about your horse as well.

It is always a wise move to determine if the building your horse will be residing in has passed an inspection. Has an inspector deemed the electrical safe and up to code? Are the walls insulated enough to protect the animals from the harsh elements? Is there fresh air circulation and proper venting done? All of these items plus many more are thoroughly searched over by a professional inspection company - much like the services you can expect from House Master in Albany NY as well as other locations across North America.

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