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We think you will agree that this site is absolutely packed with great information, not only for the new horse owner (or someone just thinking about buying a horse for the first time), but also for the horse expert, and the enthusiast as well. Still, the sections we have included might not cover all of the information we could gather when it comes to horses and their role in our lives. That's why we are including this section, which we call horse tips. This is a section for kids with their first pony to people with a career in real estate wanting to know about boarding properties.

This section will include a wide variety of ideas and thoughts, and of course tips, about horses. You can expect the articles here to contain an eclectic variety of information, mainly because the pieces just don't fit anywhere else on our site and we like to keep things smooth and organized (and we are betting that is how you like to find information as well!).

In this section, you will find articles written in a number of different ways. You can expect the typical, flowing type article (three hundred words on deciding whether your horse's stall could use some sort of redesigning, for example). You might also find list type articles, which detail some of the questions to ask yourself when you are going out to make new tack purchases. Or, we might provide you with an equipment analysis, a more technically-minded article that discusses the pros and cons of certain types of tack or horse care equipment.

The main idea behind this section is that the information we provide will make it easier for you, as the horse owner, to understand your animal and its various needs. Taking proper care of a horse goes beyond providing it with a place to live, food and water, and the other basics while you're off living your life. It also means understanding sound riding theory, tack considerations, and safety measures.

In other words, this section will cover parts of ownership that do not fall under the area of boarding and care. That section may tend to be more generic in terms of applying to most breeds of horse; it is likely that the tips you find in this section will be geared towards the specific. For example, the exercise routine for a horse used for shows will vary from that appropriate to a polo pony, and neither will be quite the same as the requirements for a jumper. So you need to think of what sports your going to do with your stead when you escape away from the city and take to the country! Getting specific is one way to ensure that any horse enthusiast who visits this web site will be able to find helpful information that applies to their own unique needs as a horse owner.

We also find that in many cases, tip style articles are a bit easier to understand than general articles. Tips are partly defined by the fact that they are pieces of information passed on after having been put into practice; in essence, this section is from one horse enthusiast to another, and can be very specific. For example, if you use a treatment chemicals and wastewater screens (more info here), is it harmful if the same water is used with the horse. The information is tested and more than likely it will apply to your own situation.

There is a lot of information that you need to digest when you own a horse, and breaking our site down into categories is one way that we seek to help you in the process. We think that the tips provided in this section will help you and your horse have a happy relationship.

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