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As you can tell, on this site we are enthusiastic about all things horse, to say the very least. In our pages you will find a wealth of information from the practical, designed for the horse owner or the person thinking about becoming a horse owner, to the intellectual (a history of the horse and its contributions to human development).

One area in which the horse has figured prominently over the course of human development is in our recreation. From ancient times right up to the present day, events that have featured horses have drawn large and enthusiastic crowds.

There are several possible reasons for this. It could be that, as humans, we are naturally drawn to a display wherein our own limitations are made starkly real through the feats of our favorite, most necessary animal. Any event or sport involving a horse is guaranteed to take place at a fast speed, and often will include strengths and stamina well beyond what a human being could hope to endure. If racing gives you a high temperature, flying at the finish thrills you, horse sports might be for you!

For some, the draw might lie in seeing a human's mastery over an animal on vivid display. All that strength and speed that we mentioned are at the command of the rider or driver when it comes to horse-centred sports. The skill of the handler, in this line of thinking, is the true marvel that is on display. If you want to check out some of the sports live, head to the Royal, held every year.

On the other hand, and this is the angle we prefer, it could be that what draws us to horse sports, in particular, is the partnership between human and animal that such sports demand. Almost every sport involving a horse has a degree of kinsmanship between the human and animal participants, from chariot driving to polo. It is incredible to see how two of the most intelligent species on the planet can communicate and respond to each other with only a few words understood between them; it is a connection that seems to go deeper than what we could possibly comprehend. Some horses and their owners are so in sync, you'd think they had been together forever!

As for events involving horses, many of the same ideas apply. One aspect of horse related events that may not be as emphasized in horse sports (although there are several that do take this consideration into account) is the beauty of the horse. Parades, fairs, shows, and so on all focus on the truly remarkable aesthetic value of this beautiful animal. The number of different breeds and colors in the horse world make horse events both varied and magnificent, as well as popular draws all over the world. If you're someone who spends your day getting dirty, you may dream of getting dressed up with a magnificent horse to parade around a ring.

So, if you are looking for some information on the types of sports and events horses are involved in today, this is the place to look. From the excitement of horse racing to the beauty of the horse show, we have all the bases covered. In fact, we would go so far as to say that there is no area in human culture today where the capabilities and qualities of the horse can be demonstrated so clearly as in horse-centred sports and events.

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